eTABU PRO v1.4.4 [Latest]

eTABU PRO v1.4.4 [Latest]

eTABU PRO is a party game where players of two teams guess the keywords presented by their team-mates, who cannot use the forbidden words or gestures. The team who earns a certain amount of points first, wins. The option to choose a foreign language makes this game a great way to learn and have fun.

If you have played the classic board game Taboo, this game will be familiar to you.

Best choice for World Youth Day Kraków 2016 WYD ! / Najlepszy wybór na Światowe Dni Młodzieży Kraków 2016 ŚDM !

1.Divide yourselves into two teams.
2.Choose the first player to describe the keyword.
3.The opposite team will select the person to verify:
– the use of forbidden words.
– the use of plural or abbreviation forms of the forbidden words.
– gestures and sound imitations.
4. When the keyword is guessed the veryfying person hits the OK button [+1 point], in the case of breaking the rules, he pushes the WRONG one[-1 point].
5. When the set time has ended, the opposing team starts their turn according to the same rules.
6. The gameplay lasts until one of the teams reaches the set amount of points. In case of a draw, the team with less skipped keywords wins.

During the gameplay, the player can use three buttons:
– SKIP – to forfeit a difficult keyword and move on to the next
– PAUSE – to pause the gameplay
– EXCLAMATION – signal a spelling error

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