FX File Explorer (Plus/Root) v8.9.1.7 APK [Latest]

FX File Explorer (Plus/Root) v8.9.1.7 APK [Latest]

FX File Explorer Plus/Root is a file manager media manager with networking and cloud capabilities. FX is designed to let you quickly and easily manage all content on your phone or tablet.

General Features
* Multiple windows (quickly switch between different locations)
* Intuitive swipe-to-select gesture for managing multiple items (Slide finger horizontally across items to select/deselect them; see YouTube Video, web site documentation, or in-app help for more information)
* Icon and detail list views in file explorer windows
* Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete using clipboard
* Storage space usage analyzer (tap View->Details within any file explorer window)
* In-app documentation (tap Tools->Help within any window)

Plus / Root features unlocked

Mod Info:
Google Drive login workaround:
– First install the untouched version, launch, log in, uninstall.
– Then install the patched version, launch, log in.



FX File Explorer (Plus/Root) v8.9.1.7 APK / Mirror

FX File Explorer (Plus/Root) v8.0.2.1 APK / Mirror

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