Slide for Reddit Pro v6.7.1 [Latest]


Slide for Reddit Pro v6.7.1 [Latest]

Slide for Reddit is a rock-solidmaterial-designed unofficial browser for Reddit with an easy to useUI and tons of customization. Slide is ad-free, open source, and ispacked with many unique features!

Major features
• Browse Slide fully offline! There is no longer a need to have anoffline browser installed
• Subreddit colors (make each sub unique!)
• 1800 theme combinations, make Slide truly unique!
• View images, gifs, albums,, Streamable, Gyfcat, and Imgurlinks in the app
• Support for Live Threads
• Full moderation suite
• Reply to comments and submissions inline, and upload imagesstraight to your submissions/comments
• Shadowbox and gallery mode support (pro)
• Filters support (link, text, title, and subreddit)
• Edit and create Multireddits
• Low-data-usage mode
• 4 view modes: View huge cards with images or super-compactdesktop mode for power users!
• Synccit integration
• Ad-Block in websites (Pro)
• Paging Shadowbox and vertical Gallery view modes (Pro)
Much more!

View modes
• Slide has three main view modes:
• Subreddit overview: view subreddits in a side-by-sidelayout
• No subreddit tabs: View one sub at a time
• Comment pane: View comments in a swipable page next tosubmissions, never lose your place in comments again!



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